How to stand up paddle board for beginners

Basic Paddle Boarding Techniques


Paddleboarding is pretty easy to pick up. Some people take a lesson, while others just give it a try. Here is a rundown of how to get started on your paddleboard:

Getting Up On The Paddleboard

1.It is best to start by kneeling on your board in shallow water. Make sure you are positioned in the center of the board to help you stay balanced.
2.Paddle out into deeper water on your knees until you feel confident to stand.
3.Place your paddle across the board to increase stability, and stand up. Make sure you place your feet where your knees were.
4.Stand with your feet facing forwards, shoulder-width apart, and slightly bent knees. Keep your head up and your back straight.


The Paddling Technique

1.Hold your paddle with one hand on top of the shaft handle and your other hand halfway down.
2.Always keep your arms straight while paddling, and use your core to give each paddle stroke power.
3.Change the side you paddle on every now and again to keep you traveling in a straight line.
4.To turn your board, keep paddling on one side until you face the direction you want to go.
5.You can turn faster by reversing the stroke and rotating your torso.

Falling Off A Paddleboard

1.Try to direct yourself into the water rather than onto the board when you fall. Water is more forgiving, therefore, safer.
2.To climb back onto the board, hold on to it and let your legs float to the surface behind you. Kick your legs while pulling the paddleboard underneath you. This will allow you to kneel back on the board.

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